Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Forks [and] Fangs Episode 5: Why Girls LOVE Edward

-Two new hosts this week: Alyssa and Kat, who are both Jacob fans!
-Not much news besides news about our podcast intro song
-Edward is the star of our Character Analysis segment
-Alyssa and Kat thoroughly explain why they don't like Ed
-Main Discussion: Why do girls love Edward? What makes him the perfect man? What can other guys learn from him?
-Josh, a host who will join us next week, hits the nail on the head when responding to our main discussion topic
-2 other emails concerning our Breaking Dawn cover discussion last week and some BD theories

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ChamberMonk said...

Hi everyone, I love the podcasts! I just want to make a couple of points :). My name is Rhys, I'm from the UK. Me and my girlfriend write letters to each other quite a lot, we make each one different (papers and stuff) from the last and it's just a really sweet way to speak to each other. Easier too in some respects. I've personally always prefered things to be more natural and... traditional i guess (although don't take that to mean I am traditional in my views of male superiority, it is quite clear that we are not superior at all to females! Although I do think the way girls look at us sometimes is a bit harsh, we look at each of you as different (ok not all guys do) and we don't feel like we are settling. Sometimes it feels like the way girls talk about guys is just never good enough for them, as if they would just rather someone like a girl, just get the idea that guys are guys that doesnt mean we arent as thoughtful just means we think about different things. We are made to feel bad about this a lot when really it's just 2 sides of the same coin and guys could quite easily view girls in the same light but choose not to (again some guys are just heartless)) Anyway that said I just want you to know that the kind of guys you want are out there and I think if a guy is willing to read twilight and discuss it with you then on some level he is probably already admiring Edwards qualities himself (unless he is really cynical). But just keep your opinions open, some guys do want romance, to write letters, to just talk and to listen. Sometimes you just make it a little hard for us because you don't always acknowledge it with as much passion as you miss it when it's not there.

Anyway as always BRILLIANT! podcasts, I love them!
Keep up the good work!