Friday, June 13, 2008

Forks [and] Fangs Episode 4: Breaking Dawn & Twilight Movie Excitement!

-Lots of news discussion about...
-the first Twilight movie clip shown at the MTV Movie Awards
-the cover art for Breaking Dawn
-the preface and first chapter of Breaking Dawn
-Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn tour with Justin Furstenfeld
-No Character Analysis Segment this week, but we will analyze EDWARD next week!
-Vamp or Werewolf segment: Would Edward or Jacob be more likely to be on the TV show "Cops?"
-Three Emails! Yay!
-About three minutes of bloopers... yeah it was that kind of a night!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

with the cover art anylisi each cover reperesents something such as.

red= belle

Twilight: red apple means her gaining knowledge

New moon: Whit rose with the red drippin,reperesents her pain and suffering and also lesser connection

Eclipse: Cutting of her ties

Breaking dawn: The red pawn her in the back ground means wher becoming the white queen